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Castello di Celsa

Castello di Celsa, Siena, Toscana, Italia

The Castle

The Castle of Celsa has belonged to the same family for about four centuries.  One of it’s peculiarities is that, since 1612, it has often been handed on through women; from the noble de Vecchi family from Siena to the Florentine Antinori family and on to its current owner, Livia Aldobrandini Pediconi.
The Castle is located along the secondary road Francigena which takes you from Colle Val d'Elsa to Siena and overlooks the wonderful landscape that stretches from Siena to Monte Amiata. The original Castle dates back to the thirteenth century but it was in the sixteenth century that the Celsi family from Siena, decided to refurbish and enrich it.  The Castle was restored by architect Baldassare Peruzzi , whose intervention can be seen in the beautiful circular chapel and the terraced wall, adorned with niches which is parallel to the entrance pathway. After being sacked by the imperial troops in the middle of the sixteenth century , it was passed on to the de Vecchi family.  At the end of the nineteenth century Maria Antinori Aldobrandini , daughter of Giulia de Vecchi and grandmother of the current owner , commissioned  architect Mariani to make a further transformation of the Castle, by raising the east tower and crowning it with battlements , bringing the building to its present form .